Humans and animals are dependent on an intact environment. It is therefore our aim to make a contribution to sustainable development. For this reason, sustainability is an important value for the company in order to master the challenges in our fields of action. For us, sustainability means considering business decisions and actions equally from an economic, technological, social and ecological point of view.

With our Code of Conduct, we provide our employees with a guide that summarizes the essential basic principles of our actions and supports our employees in coping with the legal and ethical challenges in their daily work.  

Principles of social responsibility

Sustainable management is an essential part of the corporate culture at Deutsche Ölwerke Lubmin GmbH. The company stands by its social responsibility and declares the following principles:

Human rights and compliance with the law

We respect human rights and in all countries the respective laws, values, norms and social orders. We condemn forced labor, human trafficking and the corporal punishment, threats and harassment of employees.


We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. We guarantee equal opportunities and equal treatment, regardless of ethnic origin, skin color, gender, disability, worldview, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, social origin or political attitude, insofar as this is based on democratic principles and tolerance of those who think differently.

Child labor

We align our actions with the relevant requirements of the International Labor Organization. We reject any knowledgeable use of forced or compulsory labor. Child labor is prohibited. We observe the legal regulations on the minimum age for employees.


With the goal of successful and sustainable business activity, we convince in competition with the quality and value of our products and services. We support national and international efforts not to influence or falsify competition through bribery and reject any form of corrupt behavior or behavior that is harmful to the company.

Freedom of Association and Remuneration 

We recognize the right of our employees to freedom of association. We are committed to working openly and trustingly with the employee representatives, to conducting a constructive and cooperative dialogue and to striving for a fair balance of interests. Dealing professionally with employee representatives, which allows neither preference nor discrimination, is part of our corporate culture. We advocate fair wages, wages and social benefits at least correspond to the local legal standards.

Work and Health protection

We take our responsibility for the safety and health of our employees seriously. We guarantee occupational health and safety within the framework of the applicable national regulations and on the basis of health and occupational safety policy. We protect our employees from hazards in the workplace and support health-promoting measures.

Environmental Protection

We are responsible for continuously improving the environmental compatibility of our products and reducing the use of natural resources while taking economic aspects into account. We design our products, services and processes to be environmentally friendly. In all activities, we want to prevent harmful effects on the environment with foresight. We use raw materials and energy sparingly. We strive to generate as little waste, sewage, noise and other emissions as possible. We manufacture environmentally friendly products and consider the entire life cycle. Our largest suppliers are in Germany. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 confirms that we meet the requirements for a safe, healthy and performance-promoting working environment and that we breathe life into the concept of environmental protection.

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